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What are we offering?

We work diligently to make sure that you are given a commercial maintenance contract that comes with very flexible terms. We are also able to handle any issues you need, as they arise.

Who can benefit?

If you’re a company who is not in a position to employ full-time maintenance staff, or if you have offices that are continually visited by your customers then we can help. We’ll keep your property in fantastic condition, which is great for estate agents, shops, restaurants, construction companies and even bars. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll even help you to minimise your spending on maintenance repairs, as well as drastically cutting down on the amount of tradespeople who will be visiting your premises.

How will you benefit?

We focus on saving our customers as much money as possible. When you go through Friendly Handy, you’ll pay one month in advance for a suitable tariff and you will also reduce the cost-per-callout too. Our Manchester commercial contract service makes it way easier for you to control your cash flow, while also significantly reducing the risk of any unforeseen future expenditure.

Our booking line is open for all your maintenance requirements, and when you sign up for a contract, you’ll be given priority when making your booking too.

Friendly Handy - Property Maintenance & Cleaning

What else do you need to know?

When you sign up to our Manchester commercial maintenance service, you’ll save a minimum of 30%. We’ll also assess your requirements and offer you a quote based on your needs. When we’ve done that, we’ll also tailor our services to meet yours. We know that every single business is different in size, and that’s why we never offer a cookie-cutter service.

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